I love Siri.


I love Siri—the assistant that comes integrated with the iPhone.  The ability to bark a command and have a response has given me new control over the omnipresent mobile device that is attached to my side 365/24/7.  Does it help?  Sure.  It helps with the tasks that Apple thinks iPhone users need help with.

But, what about the things that really matter to a consumer.  Can Siri help me figure out what to have for dinner?  Or, could it have helped me not buy the daily deal last week for a restaurant whose online review claims has ‘lobster risotto that tastes like dirt’?  Can Siri help me monitor the airline flash sales to that I can visit my son this weekend?  No.  Of course not.  Siri isn’t intended to help me solve complex problems; it is designed to respond to simple commands that makes using my iPhone easier.

I think most consumers are like me:  trying to manage a lot of pretty complex problems and do it with the right priorities.  Save money?  You bet.  Buy the right product for me or my family?  Absolutely.  Deliver the right information when it matters?  Naturally.

Marketers have the opportunity to empower their consumers with the capability to solve these complex problems.  Consumer empowerment is the key to loyalty in the future.  Empower consumers by enabling their ability to voice who they are and what they are on their own terms.  Empower consumers with the tools that help them manage their lives and resolve those problems that drive us all batty.

Traditional loyalty marketing and predictive analytics is guilty of reductionism.  They reduce complex needs to simple behaviors.  What is the probability that I am a television buyer?  Is that really my problem?  My problem is that I actually don’t have enough time in the day and am looking for a way to snuggle in bed with my wife and be entertained for 20 minutes without falling fast asleep.  Help me solve that problem and you have a loyal customer for life.

If only I could get Siri to solve that problem for me.  If not Siri, then maybe there is retailer out there who is willing to take up the challenge.

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Eric Hillerbrand is CEO of Talk3. He is a visionary thought leader in Web 3.0 technology and future marketing technologies. Eric has been at the forefront of consumer-centric marketing strategies, leveraging emerging marketing technologies to achieve the promise of one-to-one marketing, and building marketing programs that engage today's social, mobile consumer. He has been a founder of several marketing technology companies, advised several startups, early stage companies and Fortune 500 companies in making the most of these technology shifts. His focus has been semantic technologies, complex and emergent systems, and building personalization products for consumers.
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