Enough With the Noise: Getting Personal with Social Media

Blog • • By Hailey McDonald

An amplifier that has a max volume of 11 rather than 10.

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced a listless stream of content on our social media feeds. Whether it’s a long list of tweets full of shallow, irrelevant content or moaning and groaning from your Facebook friends that you just don’t care about – it’s easy to agree that we all need some noise canceling headphones. Continue reading

Facebook Open Graph has a knakk for Semantic Data

Blog • • By Mike Aperauch


We haven’t been this excited about a new semantic web since Watson went toe-to-toe with Ken Jennings on Jeopardy. At talk3 we take pride in our position on the cutting edge of semantic web technology, and facebook’s recent release of Open Graph is a colossal step in the right direction. The explosion of social media … Continue reading

Herbert Simon’s knakk for Problem Solving

Blog • • By Minami Furukawa


Here at knakks, we’re all about problem-solving, which, you make think, sounds pretty straightforward. Most people would describe their solution process like this: 1) Have a problem, 2) Research solutions and resources, 3) based on research, make calculated decision. Reasonable?   But often enough, the thorniest issue in ‘problem-solving’ is figuring out which problem you … Continue reading

Social Media Privacy – What’s a Marketer to Do?

Blog • • By Hailey McDonald


Privacy is increasingly becoming a problem for social media. The masses have spoken – demanding more control over their digital personas. Check out the overall feeling between users and their interactions on social media sites. The good news is – that a paradigm shift in the world of online interaction is on the horizon. What … Continue reading

Infographic: Why Personal Semantic Agents?

Blog • • By Hailey McDonald


We are plagued by a flood of information – a digital tsunami. More spam. More daily deals. The digital tsunami dilutes your message. This is critical today as a number of global technological developments and socio-economic factors will dramatically change the landscape that we presently experience. Continue reading

Learning Complex Classifier Systems: The Very Beginning. What’s this all about?

Blog • • By Mechie Nkengla

Learning Complex Classifier Systems: The Very Beginning. What’s this all about?

Our world is made up of many different things, of many different magnitudes that interact amongst themselves with a resultant outcome. These interacting things themselves may yet be composed of other smaller things. Confused yet? Indeed this is the description of a complex system. The complexity can become even more complex by considering dimensions of … Continue reading

JCPenney captures consumer engagement with ‘everyday low prices’

Blog • • By Phil Jacus

JcPenney is trying out the everyday low price model instead of a flood of offers.

Beginning Feb. 1, JCPenney stores around the country will introduce a new “Fair and Square” pricing strategy that incorporates everyday low prices rather than having advertised sales. The retailer is also revamping the design and layout of their stores and print catalogs for a fresh look. Check out the video below for a little taste of how JCPenney is reaching out to today’s consumer. Continue reading

Don’t be fooled by ‘personal agent’ impostors

Blog • • By Eric Hillerbrand

Don’t be fooled by ‘personal agent’ impostors

Oftentimes, ‘personalized’ is slapped onto any functionality that allows a user to select from a list of categories. I want coupons on Outdoor Activities, Men’s Clothes, and Baby Clothes. I hardly call that ‘personalized’. Imagine if relationships were personalized in that way. would limit their profile to things like size, hair color, IQ. This is hardly a way to build a lasting relationship. Continue reading

Web 3.0 is alive and real

Blog • • By Eric Hillerbrand

Web 3.0 is alive and real

Web 3.0 is worth marking merely because it addresses a problem produced by the Web 2.0 world too much noise. Does anyone really think they can manage 650 social connections, review 30 pages of Amazon product recommendations, or view 20 recommended videos on YouTube. Continue reading

The Digital Tsunami™

Blog • • By Eric Hillerbrand

Marketers can use consumer engagement techniques to personally filter the noise of the digital tsunami.

Today’s consumer is ready for the next generation of ‘noise canceling headphones.’ The only question in my mind: will consumers develop them or will marketers offer them. Continue reading