Are you getting smarter about your customer?

The data Tsunami is overwhelming today’s marketer. Too many channels. Too many touch points. Too many messages. Little relevancy. Slow responsiveness.The result: Reduced ROI. Poor consumer engagement. Too much noise.

Your customers are expecting you to be increasing relevant—understanding their intentions in real-time and instead you are become less and less relevant.

Introducing solution marketing



The internet is fast becoming digital drudgery. Users are over worked translating complicated life tasks into a series of key words, site searches, and website browsing. smartSuite consist of brand-specific personal intelligent applications that deliver need based solutions that are personalized and filtered by consumer profiles. Solutions are smart because of curator engagement, solution set development and crowdfeedback. smartSuite are either integrated into an existing smartphone application or deployed as a new branded experience. Solutions are optimized.

Domain specific solutions—Retailer or brand centric personal assistants
Community specific solutions—Community or segment centric personal assistants
Emergent solutions—Ad-hoc socially created personal assistants
Personal solutions—Contextual, real-time personal assistants
With changing location, time and need state, Talk3 provides in-the-moment, real-time experiences. Using AlwaysOn™ technology, Talk3can engage ad hoc and routine needs for customers in addition to in-the-moment communication.

Single Customer view

Creates one 360° view of the customer but adapts to specific business requirements

Attribute analysis

Cross-data source attribute creation and analysis identifies key customer attributes across the life cycle


Cross channel data integration without the pain of centralized data management




Talk3’s smartSuite is a real-time personalization technology that integrates consumer provided profile data, Big Data sources and marketing promotions into organized collections of social relationships, resources, and functionality directly tied to problem states. The result: Delivery of contextually relevant information, micro-targeted marketing messages and social connections. Meaningful relationships are discovered among disparate, structured and unstructured data, enabling recommendations based on a consumer’s preferences, the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ and other extracted insights.

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, smartSuite optimizes predictive algorithms for each customer and as customer behavior is capture, the algorithms are further refined getting smarter and smarter about that customer’s needs and intentions.

The result: Rapid integration of consumer profile information, Internet- available information, marketer content and third-party data stores, all without compromising the integrity of any data provider’s security.

Real-time personalization


  • Business Intelligence in a real-time era

    We have been talking about the impact of ‘real-time’ thinking on the enterprise. Commercial enterprises’ are not geared for real-time response. In fact, business works to extract real-time response to business perturbations from consistent planing and operations. Business intelligence was aligned with the assumption that constancy was the norm rather than the exception. Business intelligence

  • The future is graphs

    Teradata is talking about a future that is all about graphs. We agree!! From our perspective, graphs allow rapid integration of high disparate data resulting in new insights. In the post, the question “which of the people in this social graph are the biggest influencers” is something that falls squarely in the graph analytics category

  • Recommendation Engines: What do they really recommend?

    In a recent post it is clear with the ever-increasing amount of data, recommendation engines will only become better in the future. For organizations this will mean better targeting of products to the right person and thereby probably increasing the conversion rate and the user experience. For consumers it will become even easier to find

About Us

We believe that the true promise in today’s emerging mobile, social and connected world lies in the ability to organize the vast amounts of information available on the Internet by personalizing it to suit a consumer’ tastes, preferences and the things a consumer cares about most. We also believe in the power of communities and the intelligence of the crowd.
Our technology brings together solutions to problems that matter to consumers harvested from those people who have a desire to express their ‘smarts’ – and want to share it.
Our mission is to give users the power to build personal applications that make information, social connections, and functionality more meaningful. We do this by delivering users the ability to build applications around needs, motivations and problems that need to be solved. The more you use an application it improves, making it more relevant, useful and valuable.

Our Team

Marketing Strategists
Marketing Strategists

We have experienced marketers who know how to build real-time customer engagement programs that align with your marketing strategy

Customer data architects
Customer data architects

We know about how to evaluate data and leverage data to achieve your marketing objectives. We also know the importance of speed, cost, and flexibility. In today’s environment we can do all three.

Data Scientists
Data Scientists

We believe that today’s open data environments create new opportunities for insights and understanding of your customers. We can put together the right package for you.

Engagement Specialists
Engagement Specialists

It is not all about insights. We can help you make it actionable. We can build customer engagement that offer real-time relevance and consumer directed personalization.

Mining for influence

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Understanding customer intention

Understanding customer intention

When you understand customer intention you can be relevant. That means not operating on historical behavior but predicting future outcomes by understanding a shopper’s in-the-moment motivation. Doing so puts you in the privileged position of being immediately responsive and knowledgeable of what types of products to offer, how and when. You become the uniquely enlightened marketer in a world where thousands of companies are trying to get consumers’ attention. Your message will break though while others become lost or are irrelevant.

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Today’s consumer

Today’s consumer expects to be always on and expects everyone to be always on demand. When today’s consumer engages with friends and with Brands, they need to respond. And the response better be relevant and worthwhile. This consumer expects to spend little energy on engagement that doesn’t deliver a clear value proposition. Clear value on the first shot and engagement will be ongoing. When clear value is not apparent than today’s consumer will quickly move elsewhere.

Real time response

With today’s mobile consumer location becomes critical. So too does a consumer’s intention and motivation. Responding in real-time to this real-time consumer creates new opportunities to market.

Right time response

Real-time doesn’t mean right time. Knowing the right time to respond creates better engagement and stronger connection. Spam is easy to produce but its negative impact on a consumer is difficult to undo.

Moments of Influence

‘Moments of Influence’ are events that should trigger a real-time response because they are the right time to affect a consumer’s engagement journey. There are multiple moments in a journey. Find the right moment and you can engage the consumer faster and with greater confidence. Fumble, and find the wrong moment, your opportunity to influence is wasted.